I. Collateral of sale: Seller keeps as collateral, in compliance with Chapter III, subsection G, of laws no. 75/1997 on collateral of sale, the sold product as it is defined in the Invoice, until the price of the purchase has been fully paid in accordance with the Invoice of sale. If paid by bill of exchange, bonds, and/or checks, the collateral remains valid until the debt is paid in compliance with such documents.

II. Conditions of payment: Payment of invoice becomes due on date of issuance. Customers are asked to pay invoices according to terms stated on said documents. Maximum permitted interests are calculated from date due, if the interests are unpaid by final due date. SSHOP Ltd reserves the right to cancel discounts on invoice, if payment is delayed beyond the prescribed creditor grace period. In the case of an agreement that goods are to be delivered by installments, and payment has not been received for earlier deliveries, seller will stop any further deliveries to buyer until a security for payment has been issued. The same applies when down payment for purchase of goods has been negotiated on the issue. Seller takes no responsibility for any damage, suffered by buyer, directly or indirectly, on account of the aforementioned delivery.

III. Transportation: The goods are always transported at buyer’s risk and cost. If goods that have been ordered are not fetched – the seller reserves the right to transport the goods to buyer at buyer’s cost – or the goods are stored at buyer’s cost and risk, and seller reserves the right to claim storage and administrative fees.

IV. Delays of delivery: Seller takes no responsibility of direct or indirect damages that may be incurred because of delays in delivery or erroneous delivery and/or if the good comes damaged from a foreign supplier. Seller, furthermore, takes no responsibility of direct or indirect damages caused by force majeure (under no control of seller), such as strikes, lockouts, warfare, loss of ship or other comparable situation.

V. Returning of goods: Seller does not accept goods that buyer wants to return unless the goods are in stock and the returning occurs within 15 days of delivery. Such cases do not involve a reimbursement, instead the buyer receives a credit note for the price of the good. The seller only accepts the good on the premise that it is in the same condition as it was on delivery. Complaints of defected goods are to be made to seller as soon as possible, preferrably in writing and within 8 days from delivery. If goods are returned for reasons not including mistakes by seller and/or defects of goods, SSHOP reserves the right to deduct any cost, arising from this, from buyer’s credit balance.

VI. Guarantee: The guarantee, according to this invoice, is valid for one year from its date of issuance. Should some defect of procuct and/or material appear during the period of guarantee, the seller’s guarantee is limited to the cost of spare parts and reparation of the defected good. Seller is never responsible for a derivative damage caused by a defect or damage of the sold good. Compensation is always limited to the selling price of the good, excluding VAT. Should there be second-hand equipment sold, it is not guaranteed unless negotiated separately in writing. Seller takes exemption from other responsibilities of sold goods inasmuch as authorized by law.

VII. A waiver of responsibility: Seller is never responsible for indirect damages caused by the use of the good. If the malfunction, damage, or in the event of destruction of goods, is caused by wrong or lacking treatment of buyer (or any party he is responsible of) buyer is responsible for the payment of reparation cost. Guarantee is void if factory or serial number has been removed from the good. Guarantee becomes invalid if instructions of producer are not followed regarding safety issues, installation, and regulated service, in accordance to the instructions in the manual. Guarantee does not cover corrosion of equipment, wear and tear, or damages caused by weather.

VIII. Product liability: In case of disagreement on whether the good has caused damages the seller’s responsibility complies to the stipulation of Law no. 25/1991 on product liability. Seller takes exemption from any responsibility of such damages, inasmuch as authorized by law.

IX. Certificate of guarantee: The invoice is valid as a certificate of guarantee, inasmuch as it shows the serial number of the equipment. In case of consumer purchase, as stipulated by Law no. 48/2003, the provisions of mentioned law overturn these terms of business in case of discrepancy between the two.

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